Our wheelie bars are the most adjustable as well as the
quickest to adjust in the
industry and are made
from 4130
to handle the
The wheelie bar
comes with a 5 x
10 go-kart tire and
a polished aluminum
Douglas wheel.
                                                      linkage at the
                                                      front and rear
                                          of the wheelie bar will 
                                      allow you to square both
                            the wheelie bar and the tire with 
                    the bike to insure a straight run when 
                    you are on the bar.
Total weight as pictured is 15 lbs. Length from front mount to center of tire is 63"

The wheelie bar comes with 3 tabs that can be welded to your chassis and the upper support bar has a
slip joint that will need to be welded after the middle height (wheelie bar tire is 5" off the ground) is found.
The bar can then be adjusted to the tire sitting flat on the ground to between 12" and 18" off the ground.
You do this by simply pulling the upper pin and turning the bar clockwise to raise and counter clockwise
to lower.

If you have a stock chassis that you don't want to weld on, we make mountnig brackets that
will allow you to mount your wheelie bar to your chassis without welding.

Lower mount plate bolts to
swingarm carrier bolts

Upper bar bolts between the chassis rails for the grab bar.

The upper adjustment bar
CANNOT be painted or
powder coated. Chroming is the
only option for pimping this
part. The amount of clearance is
so minimal that the paint causes
the adjustment part to seize,
making it impossible to turn and
causing damage to the bar.
Painting and/or powder coating
this part voids all warranty,
expressed or implied


Wheelie bar w/ tire and rim................ $425.00
Mounting Brackets.............................. $65.00

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