Introducing the latest in chassis revolution from Dave Moore Racing, SAND VIPER!
With its revolutionary engineering and design, Sand Viper will set a new standard for the drag chassis industry. Because of the redesigned engine case area, it will accept almost any ATV or street bike engine application. Sand Viper's lower center of gravity gives the chassis the ability to ignore rider weight shift during a pass, which can cause the bike to steer from side to side as the rider shifts his weight accordingly.
The Sand Viper also incorporates the new detachable subsection allowing the rear of the chassis to be easily customized for desired tire size and horse power requirements.
Another great feature the Sand Viper has is Dave Moore Racing's new "Centerline Drive!"
Centerline Drive fixes 3 of the issues that today's chassis builders face:
1) Motor Offset: If you are going to set the center of the motor weight in the center of the chassis, sprocket offset has to be accounted for. In conventional chassis construction, the rear swing arm was offset to one side or the other giving the chassis a non-symmetrical look and feel.
2) In a conventional drive, because of the force being out-bored instead of in-bored of the rear section, it pulls the chassis to the drive side. Placing the sprocket inside the box section of the rear end eliminates this.
3) By moving the bearings closer to the wheel hub we have decreased the stress on the axle, allowing us to use the currently produced 40mm keyed axle.

Viper Specs:
Wheel base
Wheel offset +48" out the front ... +10"- +48" out the rear
Motor type various
Plastic and seat type factory equipped for Banshee,
Others can be fit for additional fee and at customer request
Turning radius 22'
Ground clearance
5 1/2"
(With 18" tires in the front and 22"-26" in the rear)
Weight 230 lbs. (ready to go down the track)
Fuel tank Custom
Radiator After Market
Rider weight (intended for)
175 to 250 lbs.
HP intended for 130 to 400 HP