The override transmission is a must for the hardcore drag racer. Whether it's 100 yard track racing or outlaw hill racing,this is a "got to have it" mod. It allows the rider to shift without the use of the clutch,so there is never anytime in between shifts or miss shifts. The one thing I will tell you up front is that this transmission requires the rider to pull in the clutch whenever he or she is decelerating in one of the override gears. The best way to think of it is, you always want the motor to push the wheels, not the wheels push the motor. Our overrides are machine cut and the hand fitted by Dave himself to make sure that each and every one works the first time out.

We currently are not doing any duneable's
because there has been a lot of problems with
them. Some work perfectly, some dont. So until
we get all the kinks and glitches worked out we
are not going to do them.


A - arms