T2 Specs:
Wheel base 84"
Wheel offset 6" out the rear ... 36" out
the front
Motor type Honda 250R
Plastic and seat type Honda 250R
Turning radius 14' to 32'
Ground clearance 5" (with 22" tires in
the rear and 16" in the front)
Weight 210 lbs. (ready to go down the
Fuel tank Factory
Radiator Custom
Rider weight (intended for) 100 to 200 lbs.
HP intended for 45 to 85 HP
Chassis includes:

Steering stem
Handlebar clamp
All steering linkage
Tie rods
Spindles (set for junior
dragster wheels)
Plastic mounts for Honda
250R plastic
Wheelie bar
All mounting hardware
This is the bike and rider (Shawn Blehm) that won Dunefest
2005 Pro2 Class, taking home the money. It's dial-in was a
5.01 and it ran 3 5.013's back to back. Second place was won
by it's sister bike, piloted by Jimmy Iverson. That season,
this bike and it's owner, Maycee Blehm, won over 24 first
place wins.
Price $3700.00