Here at Dave Moore Racing, we believe that building the safest suspension components is not the option of
the builder, it is their responsibility. That is why all of our swingarms are built completely in our shop and hand
TIG welded to ensure quality. All swingarms are made from round, 4130 chrome-moly. The reason behind this
is simple geometry; pound for pound there is nothing stronger than round. It is mathematically proven to be
the safest, strongest shape, and we believe that safety comes first.

We build two types of swingarms; one for drag racing applicatiopns and one for play applications. Please take
some time to read about both and choose which one best fits your needs.

Drag-lite : intended for drag racing applications ONLY! These
swingarms are made of 1.5 inch 4130 chrome-moly, uses a
lightened rear carrier, and can be used with a linkless or no-link
mounting point. These swingarms are intended for flat and/or
groomed surface drag racing and come with a 90 day replacement warranty.

Drag Lite

HD Series : constructed for the rider that wants the most out of the swingarm. Hard duning, jumping, rough hill shooting, or playing on the trails. These swingarms are constructed from 1.5 inch, 4130
chrome-moly and use a continuous rear carrier. They are also inteded for use with all stock linkage. This swingarm comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.

Heavy - Duty

* DS650 swingarms require a new
axel, bearing carrier, brake line,
front and rear chain sliders, chain,
brake rotor, and a brake caliper
converter. This, with the cost of the
swingarm, makes the total cost of the
swingarm around $1500

Currently our jigs are set up to build most swingarms from +0 to +16

Swing Arms Available For:
DRAG-LITE : +0 Banshee swingarms weigh 6.5lbs. Add .014lbs for each additional inch.
HD SERIES : +0 Banshee swingarms weigh 9.36lbs. Add .147lbs for each additional inch. For comparison, a stock Banshee swingarm is
18 inches long, center to center, and weighs 13.5lbs.
Billet Brake Line Clamps
Front Chain Slider
Rear Chain Slider
Extended Brake Line 
HD Series Swingarms up to +7 ...... $350.00
Drag-Lite Swingarms up to +7......... $400.00
HD Series Swingarms +8 and up.... $400.00"
Drag-Lite Swingarms +8 and up...... $450.00
All swingarms come raw with front pivot
bearings installed.

A - arms