Sure-Lok, the latest thinking in clutch lock-ups. Designed and manufactured by Dave Moore Racing and Modquad Industries, the new generation of lock-ups has a greater ability to hold the clutch from the higher horsepower motors being built by today's engine builders. Becaue of its redesigned leveraged dogs, the Sure- Lok applies more locking pressure quicker than other lock-ups that are currentlymanufactured. Also, because of the redesigned Sure-Lok body, it is lighter then most of the other lock-ups, cutting down on the HP robbing rotational mass. Together with the new stylish cover and window, which is available in 7 colors, you will surely find one to fit your bike's color scheme. If you are looking for a lock-up, look no farther. Sure-Lok is the one for you.

These Lock-outs and Lock-out covers will interchange with other manufacturers
Full Kit Sure-Lok cover, all mounting hardware, your choice of 7 colors for plastic window, a stainless allen bolt clutch side kit.
Pricing: $379.95

* Flourescent

* Flourescent

* Flourescent

* Purple
* Smoke

* Red


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