For sometime now a large emphasis has been put into the porting of the cylinder. The belief was that
the majority of horsepower would come from the motor's port work. Although it is true that cylinder
porting is the beginning of high performance work, it is not the end. Head shapes, designs,
compression ratios, and squish band percentages all play an enormous part in how well your motor
will perform it's desired function. Over the last 20 years, Dave has experimented with all of the
variables in an effort to maximize head designs. It is his firm belief that Dave Moore Racing dome
shapes and ratios are some of the best in the industry.

Honda 250R (250cc to 270cc)
Play $45.00 (cut .020)
Play/Race $65.00 (cut .040 and re-squish)
Full Race $85.00 (cut .060, re-squish, re-dome
Methanol $100.00 (1985-1986 heads only!!)

Banshee (350cc to 410cc)
Play $55.00 (cut .035)
Play/Race $65.00 (cut .035)
Full Race $100.00 (cut .080 and re-squish)
Blaster (200cc to 240cc)
Play $50.00 (cut .020)
Play/Race $60.00 (cut .040)
Full Race/ Methanol $110.00

Play $50.00 (cut .020)
Play/Race $60.00 (cut .040)
Full Race/Methanol $150.00 (includes o-rings)

O-Ring $40.00 (replaces stock head gasket)

Extra O-Ring $24.00 (set)

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