Flywheel lightening is probably the quickest and least expensive way to get a little more torque out of
your ATV. There is a large misunderstanding about lightening rotating mass in a motor. Most people
think it decreases torque, which is just the opposite. Removing rotating mass helps the motor rev up
quicker, increasing torque. The problem is it will decrease what Dave calls "hole shot inertia", this is the
motor's ability to brake the tires loose as the motor will not bog coming out of the hole. This problem will
not be seen by lightening the stock flywheel, but shows up when a small replacement flywheel is used
(ie: PVL or Motoplat)

The other problem with lightening a flywheel is doing it right. Most machine shops simply grab the
flywheel on the outside using a 3 jaw chuck and turn it from there. This is incorrect. Dave mounts it on a
shaft stub that is then turned between centers to retain balance, ensuring there is no added vibration.
Honda 250R (1985-1989) .......... $40.00
Banshee........... $40.00

Make sure that you get in our send in 3 for the price of 2 deal !

A little trick for you Honda guys. If you can find an 85 ATV flywheel, they are already about 60 grams lighter to begin with.

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