Wheel base 96"

Wheel off set 6" out the rear ... 48" out the front
Motor type Banshee
Plastic and seat type Banshee
Turning radius 15' to 32'
Ground clearance 5" (with 22" tires in the rear and 18" in the front)
Weight 220 lbs. (ready to go down the track)
Fuel tank Custom
Radiator Custom
Rider weight (intended for) 120 to 200 lbs.
HP intended for 90 to 135 HP

Dagger Specs:

Chassis includes :

Steering stem
Handlebar clamp
All steering linkage
Tie rods
Spindles (set for junior
dragster wheels)
Plastic mounts for
Banshee plastic
Wheelie bar
All mounting hardware

All tubing is fit as close as possible to ensure the
strongest welds.