If you call your local Honda shop, you will find that a new counter balancer runs around
$230.00. Some online stores list them for around $160.00 which isn't bad, but still
unnecessary. We can rebuild your current counter balancer by replacing the worn out bearing
with a new one, giving it new life. Now, if you want to get some performance gains, we can
lighten the counter balancer as well. This works on all motors that are bore size up to 350CC
without a noticable increase in vibration. This mod helps the motor gain RPM's quicker,
increasing torque. It is a mod Dave uses in all his fast, small motor

Counter balancer after replacing the
bearing and lightening.


Rebuild Only .............. $45.00  
(Includes New Bearing)

Rebuild and Lightened .............. $75.00
(Includes New Bearing)

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