Our sub-frames are made of 4130 chrome-moly and tig welded to ensure strength and safety. This addition is great for those trying to lose a few pounds and for those that have a sub-frame that has been damaged in some way. The sub-frames can be made in both weld-on and removable styles. We can install them here or send them to you for installation by a qualified welder in your area.

Factory chasis modifications have become very popular in recent years. In the effort to cut as many pounds off the bike as possible. Here at Dave Moore Racing we have several services available to aide you in this.

These sub-frames can be set up for in-frame pipes as well.
Banshee weld on $225.00 (using your old seat mount)
Banshee removable $275.00 (using your old seat mount)
New seat mount $35.00
Welding Labor $65.00 (Per hour)

A - arms