Most people think of a bore job as
something you do to freshen up your old
motor and that just about any shop can
do it. NOT TRUE!

A bore job done incorrectly can set the
stage for a motor that will never run to its full potential.
Here at Dave Moore Racing we know how to do it correctly.
Making sure the bore is straight, centered, with the correct clearance; making sure your motor will run it's best from the start


All single cylinders 2 or 4 stroke $55.00
( up to two sizes

If you need to go more than two sizes
 we can do that too.

BIG Boring up to $75.00


If your cylinder is worn out, or you just want to go to a big bore, we can handle it. We use the
highest quality sleeve available and install them with the tightest fit possible. We also port
match all 2 stroke motors back to the "before sleeving" heights.

2 stroke sleeving $150.00 each cylinder (plus cost of sleeve)

4 stroke sleeving $75.00 each cylinder (plus cost of sleeve )

A - arms